Katya Borgos-Rodriguez

Technology and Social Behavior Ph.D. Student Northwestern University



September 2017: Moved from Mayaguez, PR to Evanston, IL to pursue my PhD at Northwestern University!

I am a first-year Ph.D. student in Technology and Social Behavior, a joint program in computer science and communication studies at Northwestern University. I am a researcher in the Inclusive Technology Lab and am advised by Prof. Anne Marie Piper. My research in human-computer interaction focuses on online social interactions and the design of assistive technologies to empower vulnerable populations.

Drawing on my background in computer engineering, I am interested in building new systems that can have a positive social impact and studying them using mixed methods. To this end, I am currently exploring the potential of haptic displays on creating engaging, comfortable learning experiences for children with learning disabilities such as dysgraphia and dyslexia. I am also identifying design opportunities for touch feedback tablet-computer applications that can support children with autism.

Before joining the Ph.D. program at Northwestern University, I completed my undergraduate education at the University of Puerto Rico in Mayaguez, PR, where I obtained a B.S. in Computer Engineering with a specialty in Computing Systems. As an undergraduate, I took on a leadership role in my institution’s IEEE Women in Engineering affinity group, where I helped organize and run workshops with the goal of encouraging Hispanic middle and high school students, especially females, to study engineering.